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Hair is the second most prominent feature of a man or a woman. Therefore, hair issues cannot be ignored. Our scalps need more nourishing and protection. According to some data, hair loss is mostly caused by scalp issues and it’s even affecting younger age people too. 50% of the younger group of people have abnormal scalp conditions. 

Suitable for:

  • Hair loss problems
  • Sensitive / itchy scalp
  • Regrow receding hairline
  • Premature balding
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Scalp inflammation
  • Less hair



  1. Wash the scalp with shampoo and gently rub to remove the dirt and grease on the hair. 
  2. Use a towel to wipe off the moisture of the scalp.
  3. Used Cavilla Hair Tonic and apply it to the scalp where hair is needed. (You’ll feel a mild warm sensation and itchiness when applying the hair tonic)
  4. Use your finger to gently tap it. Note: If you use a hair dryer to dry your hair, avoid hot air temperature and don’t blow the scalp directly, this will damage the nutrients.
  5. Comb your hair after the application. Use Cavilla Hair Tonic after washing your hair daily, and see the effect immediately after 3-4 weeks.


Frequently Asked Question:


Frequently Asked Questions 1: How long it can last?

Our Tonic contains 30ml, and its durable for more than a month. It can be used every time with only a few drops then you will see an effective results. 


Frequently Asked Questions 2: Why is my hair scalp feel hot/spicy after applying tonic?
Because our Tonic is made from natural Chinese medicine ingredients, it effectively stimulates the cells to make hair grow again.


Frequently Asked Question 3: Will it be oily after application?

No, it is like liquid. Will not cause oiliness and you can use it with confidence. 


Frequently Asked Questions 4: Does the taste smell bad?

Rest assured, it smells like traditional Chinese herbs. 


Frequently Asked Question  5: The hair tonic cost is expensive

Other hair tonics on the market can cost up to thousands. Compared to Cavilla Hair Tonic, we are not costly at all and our tonic actually work! 


Frequently Asked Question 6: Can men and women use it?

Both genders can use it. No worries at all


Frequently Asked Question 7: Do I need to use it again after the results are satisfactory?

Of course, it is best to have long-term care and maintenance, it is advisable for you to be consistent. 


Frequently Asked Question 8: Does the symptoms of "Chinese Ghost Shaved" use Cavilla Hair can be solved?

"Ghost shaving" is a folklore. The true scientific point of view is that there is one less hair follicle. We suggest using this tonic to try to stimulate hair follicle regeneration.


Frequently Asked Question 9:Can the bald head be used?

As long as it still have the hair follicles. Then you may use Cavilla Hair Tonic to stimulate hair growth


Frequently Asked Question 10: Can genetic bald be used?

Hereditary baldness can be treated. It controls premature baldness


Frequently Asked Questions 11: Can pore blockage be used?

As long as the hair is washed and dried, the tonic can be used to activate hair follicle cell regeneration.


Frequently Asked Question 12: Will have acne on hair scalp after use?

It depends, some people have hair follicles blocked, leading to acne in the early stage, (that is normal, will fade in a few days) Remember: most of the hair follicle blockages are caused by oily  scalp.


Frequently Asked Question 13: What is the cause of hair loss after use?

In general, humans will lose their hair when they are metabolized. In addition, hair loss problems are mainly caused by work-life  stress and high sodium food intake. Therefore,  it is a normal issue for certain amount of hair loss after using hair tonic

Eyes play an important role in makeup. Without a proper makeup details on the eyes, consider your makeup is only half done. This is why we love to have our eyes to be charming, moist and beam with joy and beauty. It is a norm for girls to have the eyes to look bigger and more attractive. 


What is eyelash growth fluid?

The bio-enzyme "EPM" contained in CAVILLA Eyelash Essence is made with 10 different types of amino acids and these amino acids are essential to human growth which helps hair, muscles, skin and tissues formation. The essence stimulates the dormant secondary hair follicles tissues and encourage eyelash growth. As the eyelashes grow and becoming more dense and longer, it also improves hair follicle development. Since the hair follicle tissues of the eyebrows are at the end of the blood circulation, various physiological and pathological reasons of the human body can cause insufficient nutrient supply to the eyebrow hair follicle tissue cells, which can be the main reason for the sparse eyebrows for most people.


  • No more sparse and short eyelashes
  • Helps to grow thick eyelashes
  • Strengthen eyelashes
  • Provide the nutrients needed for eyelashes growth
  • Can be used as mascara primer

Clean your eyes and let it dry by gently wiping it with a soft towel. Apply a few drops and gently slide it over the roots of your eyelashes. (Take note: not to let the essence to drip into your eyes).  Gently slide the upper eyelashes and lower eyelashes with the essence. If you want to apply makeup then use eyelash curler + mascara to achieve the eye-catching effect. Use this essence every morning and night to experience faster eyelashes growth within 3-4 weeks.


Frequently Asked Question ( Q&A):

Frequently Asked Questions 1: How long does the eyelash essence work and how long it can last? 

You can experience the effect within a month usage and if you want it to be consistent then 80 days are enough. 


Frequently Asked Question 2: If I wish to apply on my eyebrow, how does the effect? 

Yes, it is applicable on eyebrows too.


Frequently Asked Question 3: Why I feel my eyes are red and itchy after using it ?

The eye layer is very thin while CAVILLA Eyelash Essence increase blood circulation. Thus, at the beginning of usage, you’ll experience itching which is completely normal. The itch will fade by itself  after a while.

Frequently Asked Questions 4: If I apply using my hand it will be sensitive, why? 

It is not recommended to use hands, because human’s hand contains bacteria.


Frequently Asked Question 5: How many portions to use for Cavilla Eyelash Essence?

Be attentive and do not use too much. Just a few drops are sufficient enough for the eyelashes growth. (Noted: The symptoms of redness and itching will occur on certain customers, however it will recover on 3-5 days naturally, reminder do not used hand to rub, because our hands bacteria)

Frequently Asked Question 6: Can the eyelash hair growth become permanently? Will it drop after that? 

Any hair in the human body has a growth cycle. it will fall when it metabolized, and will still fall after. Moreover, by using eyelash essence, it’s able to keep a longer durability and create healthier hair.

Frequently Asked Question 7: Why did I start using eyelash essence and my real eyelashes fell? (called metabolism)

The metabolized eyelashes are weak and the new grown eyelashes will be stronger and healthier. Therefore, it is also natural for hair fall before the new hair growth. The body metabolic period is about a week, and using Cavilla Eyelash Essence, it helps to grow up very quickly.


Frequently Asked Question 8: Why is my natural eyelash density not volume as others? 

The hair follicles decide how thick your eyelashes will be. Some people have many natural hair follicles. Some people are born with lesser hair follicles and its density is lesser. 


Frequently Asked Question 9: How does the customer react when they do not have obvious effects in the early stage?

Everyone has different absorbing capacity and some may not have fast absorption rate in the early stage. With consistency and you can definitely see results by the 2nd bottle. 


Frequently Asked Question 10: Why is the hair around the face/eyes?

Beware on your application, because it is 100% effective. You may only apply on eyelash but not other hair around the face/ eyes. 


Frequently Asked Question 11: What should I do with excess hair? Will it fall?

Yes, it will fall according to your metabolism rate. 


Frequently Asked Questions 12: What should I do if I have acne after applying eyelash essence? 

Because Cavilla Eyelash Essence provides nutrients for the hair follicles. For some sensitive customers, it is normal for having acne after application. Observe 3-5 days to see the conditions. 


Frequently Asked Questions 13: Pregnant women can be use? Children can be used? 

Not recommended for pregnant women to use as pregnant women have to be concerned about the products used, even eye drops are forbidden for pregnant women. We advise children to not use this product too. 


Frequently Asked Question 14: Can I use mascara for my beauty line?

Once the wound is fully healed then it can be used after.


Frequently Asked Question 15: Will it be dark circles after applied eyelash essence?

Dark circles may be common for some people, especially for those with sensitive skin. As the essence improve blood circulations, dark circles will be reduced too. 


Frequently Asked Questions 16: What if the dark circles appear after using it?

The cause of dark circles is pigmentation. If you always draw eyeliner and mascara, and there is no thorough makeup remover, melanin will slowly precipitate. It is noticeable after using this product.


(This can be stopped after a few days, until the symptoms disappear, continue to use, but remember to use a small amount, after all, the number of eyelash hair follicles is limited)


Frequently Asked Question 17: Can I  stop using it?

After the length is satisfactory, then you can reduce the number of applications.  


Frequently Asked Question 18: How long does the deactivation effect last?

Semi-permanent effect. Even if you use the essence again in the future, it will be better than the original state.


Frequently Asked Question 19: Can cancer patients use eyelash essence?

Cavilla Eyelash Essence is natural green product and it will not affect the patients.

Everybody wants to be beautiful and there is a saying “whiteness is purity and beauty”. This is not a coincidence that many women desire fair complexion on their skin because it reflects brightness and charm. Greaya whitening milk is a must-have whitening product for busy people.


  • Immediate whitening effect
  • Flood control SPF 30 ++
  • Replenish and retain moisture 
  • Remove dead skin
  • Enhances skin elasticity


  1. Wash your body in the shower and squeeze out a small portion of the whitening milk from the tube and apply it on the body. 
  2. Gently rub Greaya Whitening Snow Mask on the body part for 1-3 minutes and then rinse it off with water. 
  3. After rinsing off, the skin becomes whiter and a protective layer is formed. The protective layer can protect you from the sun rays (SPF 30). 
  4. It is recommended to use it every morning, both effects of whitening + SPF are useful throughout the day.

Greaya Frequent Asked Question:

Frequently Asked Question 1: How long is a Greaya Whitening Snow Mask can last?

It can last for more than a month, even if it is used daily. You can apply on the entire body. 


Frequently Asked Question 2: Why does it have a slippery feel after rinsing?

This is because Greaya Whitening Cream forms a protective layer when applied, and it is also a whitening agent that helps to prevent sunburn from UV rays.


Frequently Asked Question 3: Will it be very sticky after application?

It is not sticky at all. Matter of fact, your skin will have a smoother texture after application.  


Frequently Asked Questions 4: Does it have bad smell?

No, Greaya Whitening Snow Mask has similar fragrance just like a shower gel. 


Frequently Asked Question 5: Can men and women use it?

Yes, it can be used regardless of gender, as long as the person desire whitening effect.


Frequently Asked Question 6: Why I should choose Greaya Whitening Snow Mask? 

Greaya Whitening Snow Mask is non dry and non stickiness. Compared to other instant whitening product in the market which is easier to get dry, and it will evaporate easily.


Frequently Asked Questions 7: When do I need whitening?

We all love beauty, whitening is one of it. Fair skin gives clearer complexion. 


Frequently Asked Question 8: Can pregnant women use it?

Yes. Since our products are not orally consumed, pregnant women can use them with no worries.


Frequently Asked Question 9: Does this application cause a pore plunger?

It won't be, every time you apply it, you need to rinse it. Only the protective layer is left, and the protective layer is also removed along with the metabolism of the human body. Just like shower gel, there is no problem for everyday use.


Frequently Asked Question 10: Why does the whitening cream begin to clump afterwards?

This is because the components are remained stagnant in the container, causing the lumps to mix but it is okay, just squeeze and apply it on your skin. 


Frequently Asked Questions 11: I had applied a layer, but there is no whitening effect, why?

The whitening effect is based on the individual's skin tone. If the skin color is yellowish or in darker tone, our suggestion is to apply the second layer of whitening lotion and rinse again. The effect will be more obvious.


Frequently Asked Question 12: After using it, do I still need to use it every day?

If you want to have fair skin every day, you need to use it every day. Greaya Whitening Snow Mask is effective for 12-14 hours. After a day, it is recommended to apply a new layer to attain a whiter look.  

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