No Need Fake Eyelashes, Mascara or Eyelash Curler. You Can Have Charming and Beautiful Eyes! All with This Bottle

by admin on October 05, 2019
Many girls use eye makeup everyday so applying mascara is a norm. After all, having thick eyelashes is one of the beauty features a girl can have. And as time passes by and coupled with frequent makeup and its removal,those eyelashes will be prone to damage. And over time, it becomes shorter and shorter. It can be so painful to look at! Losing one or two strands can be a painful experience. This is how much we treasure our eyelashes. Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 02 If you’re not the type that wear fake eyelashes, then using natural methods to grow and maintain them are the best! So what is the natural method that I’m talking about? Let me introduce you to Cavilla Eyelash Serum and you can see the effect within one bottle of usage! And I’m not simply saying this. There are a few basics you need to understand about eyelashes Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 03 - Eyelash Growth Cycle - An eyelash undergoes a growth cycle, The number of of eyelashes’ strands are vary from person to person but the growth cycle is the same. Eyelashes will go through a grow and fall phases. For example, the empty pores will grow new eyelashes tomorrow. After a period of time where nutrients are supplied to these pores, new eyelashes will emerge. Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 04 - What is eyelash nutrient solution? - Many people have such questions, Many asked this question before, can mascara makes eyelashes grow longer? Can eyelashes naturally grow and will there be side effects? One cycle of eyelash growth is divided into 3 phases. First one is Anagen (the growth phase), second is Catagen (the transition phase) and the third is Telogen (the resting phase). The role of this serum is to moisturize the eyelashes in the first phase and it helps to enhance its growth and making eyelashes strong and long. At the same time, it promotes and stimulates the dormant pores. The process of eyelash falling out will be quickly filled with nutrients and new eyelashes will grow quicker too. Eyelash nutrient solution accelerates the metabolism of hair follicle cells, which is why some people that use this serum cause eyelashes to fall off faster. But the shedding helps new eyelashes to grow so no worries about this! Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 05 【Cavilla Eyelash Serum】 - Efficacy - Activating the dormant hair follicle Cavilla Eyelash Nutrient activates the dormant hair follicle to make them grow again by nourishing the eyelashes from the roots, penetrate and deeply activate each hair follicle to make the eyelashes fully filled with nutrition Let the eyelashes grow naturally while extending the life of the eyelashes! After a while, the eyelashes become thicker and more satisfying to the desire of women that love beauty! Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 06 Repair eyelashes With sufficient nutrition, the eyelashes become stronger and harder to break, and are not easy to fall off. Injecting a strong vital essence into the eyelashes and increasing the amount of eyelashes, Let you have a pair of charming electrifying eyes~ Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 07 Eyelashes are longer, more natural, more curled and thicker Cavilla Eyelash Serum enhances melanin and enriches the color, leaving your eyelashes black and beautiful! At the same time, the eyelashes are strengthened, and the eyelashes are longer, more natural, and more dense! Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 08 Look at the before & after these beauties are used! Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 09 Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 10 Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 11 Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 12 A bottle is really not bragging! Eyelashes become long and dense! Completely natural and safe to use Cavilla eyelash serum is 100% original U.S. import, and its a natural product. There is no harm to the eyes, even if accidentally drop into the eyes, the eyes will not affect! 100 Percent safe to use! Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 13 In addition to being used in eyelashes, it can also be used in eyebrow eyebrows/hair line hair line/bald head micro-vulture You don’t need mascara or eyelash curler for this one. Cavilla eyelash serum is definitely the sister's saviour! Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 14 Its been used by all the beauty, and also one of the flavourite maintenance beauty product, How can you don't try it out? Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 15 Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 16 Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 17 Cavilla Malaysia Eyelash Serum Article 18
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