Want to look your best before a date? Others than skincare, there are other details that we must give our attention to.

by admin on October 05, 2019
Whether it is a full blown romantic date, a night out with your beloved girlfriends or just you’re the type of girl that loves to dress up for yourself, there are always steps to take and several preparations. So to boost up your confidence before each date, you need to set some time to pamper yourself during the day. Small details make a huge impact in your appearance. And guess what, you do care about these small details and let us guide you on what are these particular features and how to take care of them. Cavilla Malaysia Beauty Tips Before Dating Article 02 The first is the most important part of the girl – the eyes. Eyes are the most common first-hand contact between people. Others often say that attracting people or not is mostly dependent on the power of the eyes. Eye makeup is important, but the "hair" of the eye also plays a very important role. Cavilla Malaysia Beauty Tips Before Dating Article 03 #1 Eyebrows Always be attentive to your eyebrows. Lately we have seen that so many girls out there put on eyeliner and lipstick but they do not put as much attention to their eyebrows. They might need more effort compared to the rest but the eyebrows give definition of your facial features and they bring out the best shape of your eyes. Choose a good eyebrow make up or enhancement that fit your face the most! #2 Eyelashes Don’t be too dependent to the eyeliner. Most girls are focusing too much on the makeup but little that you know, natural eyelashes are a striking feature of your face. It’s easy to see the effect of mascara on eyelashes and it can make you look good. However, mascara is not waterproof and does not last long. We suggest you to use a proper tonic that helps you to grow your eyelashes in natural ways! It can saves your time in brushing those mascara and also less makeup removal effort. Cavilla Malaysia Beauty Tips Before Dating Article 04 Very few girls can resist the charm of a lipstick. Different colours with different effects on your look, mood and the way you want to express yourself. But at the end of the day you know it deeply that your natural lip colour is the best. As girls, almost all of us love wearing lip colours – be it vibrant and bright shades or nude and pastel hues. But no lipstick can create a perfect pout if your lips aren’t well cared for! Be mindful and use lip balm and avoid peeling off the dry skin of the lips. #4 Sun protection Of all the skin care products you have been using, never forget about sunscreen. It doesn’t matter what your complexion is, protection from the sun is essential to skin health. Preventing UV rays is not about whitening but it is about preventing dark spots and adding wrinkles on your face. #5 Hair Cavilla Malaysia Beauty Tips Before Dating Article 05 A girl’s hair is her crown and for every girl, there is a hairstyle that suits her. It is easy to notice whether a person takes care of her hair or not. Some of the hair issues that a girl might face is dandruff, oily hair, hair falling and others that might come from increasing age, illness or bad lifestyle. If your amount of hair is getting lesser and lesser, it’s time to remedy it. Bald spot can be embarrassing, but fret not, help is always around. You can make your hair grow back the natural way and make them thicker too. Check out this website for proper hair growing management. Eyelash Nutrient Solution | Cavilla Eyelash Serum Cavilla Malaysia Beauty Tips Before Dating Article 06 The main function of Cavilla Eyelash Serum is to activate hair follicle rejuvenation. Thus, it affects eyelash growth and at the same time, the eyelashes will be thicker and stronger with deeper hair roots. Thus, the eyelashes will not be fragile, more lushes and more attractive. With Cavilla Eyelash Serum, having charming eyes does not require much effort. No more fake eyelashes, time consuming hair brushing. Have it all in the natural way and if you have very less eyelashes, you can grow it with this serum. Cavilla Malaysia Beauty Tips Before Dating Article 07 You can witness and compare to your old self after just weeks of using the serum. They’ll longer, thicker and more lush lashes. Hair Growing Serum | Cavilla Hair Tonic Cavilla Hair Tonic helps stimulate blood circulation in the hair follicles for healthy hair growth. Problems such as hair loss, premature balding etc must be prevented before it becomes too serious. The reason why Cavilla Hair Tonic works so well is because of its ingredients are made of natural and excellent herbal extracts. It provides the scalp with nutrients, consolidating the firmness of the hair roots, repairing the hair, moisturizing the scalp, and removing dirt from pores. Breathable pores are very essential to hair growth. Both men and women can benefit from this serum. The effect will take effect after 3 to 8 weeks of regular use. After completing a full cycle (3 bottles), you’ll experience a consistent hair growth, reduced balding spots and increased self confidence! Cavilla Malaysia Beauty Tips Before Dating Article 08 How to use: Wash the hair and apply 2 to 3 drops of Cavilla Hair Tonic on your palms and gently massage the scalp. Use it 3 to 3 times in a day. When you rub it on the scalp, you’ll feel a tingling sensation and slight irritation, do not be afraid, this is a normal reaction due to absorption process. Tips: Combing your hair promote blood circulation and help hair growth. If you comb your hair frequently, you’ll notice the difference! Cavilla Malaysia Beauty Tips Before Dating Article 09 At the edge of the forehead is prone to minor baldness, after using the tonic, the bald patch is slowly filled up with new hair roots. Therefore, there is no need for hair transplant surgery or other cosmetic products to cover the hairline. Whitening Mask | Greaya Beauty Snow Mask Get protection from harmful UV rays, moisturize the skin, remove dead skin and increase skin’s elasticity. You can apply this not just on your face but the whole body too. Just 1- 3 minutes of application after shower. Remember to apply lotion to lock in the moisturization. Cavilla Malaysia Beauty Tips Before Dating Article 10 Cavilla Malaysia Beauty Tips Before Dating Article 11
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