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Cavilla Hair Tonic

by Cavilla Malaysia on October 31, 2018
Natural extracts help to moisturize your hair follicles, activate the dormant hair follicles for hair rejuvenation. Everyone wants to have thick and healthy hair, but the life pressure and heavy works on people nowadays cause hair loss and grown of white hair even in the young generation. Both men and women are troubled by hair loss, but male pattern baldness makes men even more distressed. There are 10 reasons that lead to hair loss :
  1. Genetic causes of hair loss
  2. Drug effects lead to hair loss
  3. Alopecia areata causes hair loss
  4. Vitamin or mineral deficiency leads to hair loss
  5. Hypothyroidism leads to hair loss
  6. Hair loss due to tightening hair for a long time
  7. Infection leads to hair loss
  8. Hair loss due to Trichotillomania
  9. Hypotrichosis
  10. Hair loss due after Chemotherapy

Tips to use Cavilla Hair Tonic hairline growth solution?

Apply 2-3 drops of Cavilla Hair Tonic hairline growth solution after shampooing, and then massage the scalp gently with your fingers. Comb your hair daily can boost the blood circulation of the scalp, which helps to better hair growth
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